Nice language — I flagged that. I really hope Medium stops giving your idiotic voice a platform ESPECIALLY since you clearly can’t take any criticism. Further — why would you make such a strange assumption about whether or not either of us are volunteering with Biden’s campaign? I can confirm with absolution that I am doing not only voter outreach via phone and text banking, I’m signed up to volunteer as an election inspector and give monthly donations to the Democrats. I join in marches for sensible gun laws, black lives matter, among scads of other issues I hold near and dear. What I wouldn’t DARE do is disparage a kind man (who CAN work with the other side and achieve progress) knowing that this effort would only help the least progressive candidate. So this begs many to ask — WHAT THE F#CK is wrong with YOU??? Every “article” you write is doing NOTHING for progress…this seems to be an easy thought process to navigate. CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS, they really are lost on many it seems. Clean it up and get it together. JESUS.

“If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.” ― Marilyn Monroe

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